Sunday, April 4, 2010

Digital Silks @ Normal Price & Discounted Price - Affordable Price & Good Quality!!!

Dear Luvly Customers,

Check Out Our Digital Silk @ MyeWonder's ... Normal Price & Discounted Price.

Lets start with our Discounted Price ... Good Sales with Good Quality!!!

(Digital Silk - Normal) - Now @ RM239 from RM 259

DS - N1                             DS - N2

DS - N3 DS - N4

 (Digital Silk - Diamond) Now @ RM 269 from RM299
DS - D1                                  DS - D2


(Digital Silk - One M'sia) Now @ RM359 from RM 399
DS - 1M a                        DS - 1M b

Lets have a look @ our Digital Silk ... Normal Price with Nice Design for our Wonderful Customers ...
Digital Silk - Normal @ RM 259

    DSNP - N1                      DSNP - N2                


  DSNP - N3                       DSNP - N4                 


Digital Silk - Diamond @ RM299

DSNP - D1                      DSNP - D2

Digital Silk - One M'sia @ RM399

                                        DSNP - 1M a

          DSNP - 1Mb                      DSNP - 1Mc

* You may opts to pay 2 partial payments but with deposit of RM50 perpc. We'll courier the item
   once full payment has been made.

Note: If u have different colors or designs in mind ... just let us know. We will check for u and email the image ASAP.
Dont wait too long ... let us know by using the order form or email @

"One of The Many Wonder's of Terengganu Silk"

We offer good quality of Terengganu Silk with elegance designs at different price range but affordable for all.

Check out our unique design of "Digital Silk" and the latest silk called ... "One Malaysia"!!!

Do visit us often as MORE and MORE items for you to choose ...

Happy Shopping!!!

"Beautiful Tudungs"

Hello Lovely Shoppers,

Myewonder's starts with "Terengganu Silk" and now we have "Beautiful Tudungs" for all ages ... wonderful women, wonderful shoppers !!!!

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